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Halfway of the ESC experience

Buongiorno ragazzi! Now we have been in Italy for more than half of our ESC experience and even though the zones exist here since November we have still been enjoying our time. 

During these months we have spent a lot of time in the office planning for upcoming projects. For example, we have had the opportunity to learn how to write European Projects and improve our skills in Photoshop. One of the upcoming projects is called “YouthLab” and it has been fun to be a part of the process from the beginning and later on to the implementation of it. Unfortunately, many projects that were supposed to happen have now been postponed or online, but luckily “YouthLab” is one that still is happening.

Another running project is “AnginRadio Campania – La voce dei giovani”. We have been helping out during the recording of the podcast, and we were also guest speakers of an episode where we talked about European Solidarity Corps and our experience in Italy. You can listen to us in the “Episodio 5- European Solidarity Corps” through this link: 

On the weekends, we took advantage of the yellow zone and visited many beautiful places within the region of Campania. We went to Positano, Sorrento, Naples, and Salerno, and Vesuvio is still on our bucket list before leaving for Sweden. 

Ci vediamo!


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