Scambi Culturali

Scambio culturale dal 26 Ottobre al 3 Novembre 2022 in Spagna

L’associazione “Active Youth for Europe” è alla ricerca di 6 partecipanti + 1 group leader residenti in Italia per lo Youth Exchange "KISS: Keep It Sociable and Safe" che si terrà a Malaga – Spagna, dal 26 Ottobre al 3 Novembre 2022. Lo scambio ”KISS: Keep It Sociable and Safe” è un progetto che coinvolge i giovani… Continua a leggere Scambio culturale dal 26 Ottobre al 3 Novembre 2022 in Spagna


Dissemination YOUTH FOOTPRINT – Bulgaria

The youth exchange Youth Footprint was a youth exchange financed by Erasmus+ project and implemented by ProVision International in Bansko, Bulgaria. Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the zero waste philosophy and to stimulate sustainable behavior among young people. The main objectives of the exchange were: - raising awareness of environmental… Continua a leggere Dissemination YOUTH FOOTPRINT – Bulgaria


Youth NEED/T – Latvia 2022

In September 2022 an international training course on eco-employment Youth NEED/T, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, took place in Latvia! Eco-employment can be defined as "responsible use of sources that preserves the environment, supports the well-being of the local community and includes interpretation and learning".  The main objective of the Youth NEED/T project was to… Continua a leggere Youth NEED/T – Latvia 2022


Beyond Borders’ Youth Camp

Earlier this year, at the end of May 2022, the international youth exchange "Beyond Borders' Youth Camp" took place in Vecmuiza, Latvia! The youth exchange "Beyond Borders' Youth Camp", funded by Erasmus+, sought to bring together young people from different cultures and backgrounds, as young people are the foundation of the society in which we… Continua a leggere Beyond Borders’ Youth Camp