Dissemination YOUTH FOOTPRINT – Bulgaria

The youth exchange Youth Footprint was a youth exchange financed by Erasmus+ project and implemented by ProVision International in Bansko, Bulgaria.

Our aim is to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the zero waste philosophy and to stimulate sustainable behavior among young people.

The main objectives of the exchange were:

– raising awareness of environmental issues related to pollution, waste disposal, climate change and the connection to the daily choices of each individual

-providing a deeper understanding of the concept of zero waste philosophy and promoting personal responsibility towards environmental sustainability;

– understanding the role of young people in environmental sustainability and promoting social responsibility and activity

The project did not aim only to provide new knowledge and information to the participants, although one of the main results at the level of participants and local communities was precisely the informative impact of the project regarding sustainable development and zero waste; as a result of the project, the participants learned about the main challenges of the EU related to climate change, loss of resources, concrete daily steps towards sustainable development, awareness about composting , various campaigns, institutions related to sustainable development issues; as a result of the subsequent activities, we also informed and engaged local young people, raising important social topics and above all the role of each individual and the daily choices we make every day.

As a result, the local youth were encouraged to think about the participation of young people in dealing with various challenges that affect the future of Europe, namely the problem of climate change, loss of resources, food and other types of waste.

As a result of the exchange, the participants created a sustainability guide, so if you wanna become more sustainable, check it out! =

Check also their testimonials and the final video of the project to see their amazing journey!


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