Hate is not my Faith – Outcomes

Active Youth UK, along with ProVision International as a host partner and organizations from Serbia, Turkey, Estonia, Spain Italy and Latvia implemented a project Hate is not my Faith in period between 25 September till 2 October 2021 The main aims of the project were:

-Increasing the knowledge and competencies of youth workers in the field of anti-hate and human rights

– promoting cooperation in the youth field and encouraging the organization of more initiatives and projects in the field of human rights and anti-hate.

-to equip youth workers with methods, strategies and tools for organizing activities with young people on the topic

-Promoting media literacy and knowledge of basic legal frameworks among youth workers to combat cyberbullying

-introducng the Youth Workers with the No hate speech Movement and the Tools- Bookmarks, Compass, WE can handbooks

-encouraging youth workers to become activists against hate speech in their countries and at European level

-reducing the risk of radicalization of young people by investing in training youth workers and increasing human rights initiatives

During the mobility, the youth workers were able to share best practices among each other of organizations, campaigns, movenets, courses related to combating hate speech and discrimination. They were also able to develop their competence set with knowledge on the topic, skills and competences how to organize more effective campaigns for promoting human rights. After the mobility the participants also created a guide with some tips, a lot of resources and useful information to share with other youth leaders and youth workers from across Europe.

As a result of the mobility the cooperation among partners got stronger, there were many local activities organized as follow up, involving local young people in promoting tolerance, solidarity and no hate.

The project was financed by Erasmus+ program, trough UK National agency.


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