Outcomes Y.E. Lets learn 4 Migration

Lets learn 4 Migration is a youth exchange with Active Youth UK as a coordinator and partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Poland, Italy.
Main objectives of the project were:
-Allow participants to gain a better understanding about migration-Understanding the processes, reasons and effects of
migration processes by young people
-to promote positive attitude and acceptance and understanding towards refugees and migrants
-to help young people understand better what hate speech is, to distinguish it from freedom of expression and providing ways and channels for reporting hate speech online
-informing young people how to effectively combat hate speech to refugees in a peaceful way
-To introduce young people with the No hate speech movement
-To promote tolerance, mutual understanding and dialogue between young people of different nationalities.

The participants had really productive week, full of discussions, learning and intercultural experience. As a result of the project participants acquired a lot of new information and knowledge eand developed many different skills such as:
Knowledge / ideas / concepts for:

  • Basic concepts and terms will be discussed such as: rights and freedoms, justice, equality, human dignity, nondiscrimination, democracy, human rights, migration, refugees, hate speech, freedom of expression, solidarity;
  • causes and roots of hate speech, and in particular towards migrants and refugees, and non-violent ways to fight it
    -knowledge of new countries and cultures, traditions and customs, which will lead to the understanding and acceptance of multiculturalism
    -understanding of migration processes
  • different types and reasons of migration, terms such as IDP, refugee, asylum seeker and the differens between them; the benefits of migration;
    -knowledge of the No Hate speech movement of the Council of Europe
    -knowledge of the situation regarding hate speech towards refugees and migrants in participating countries, good practices and ways to combat it
    -knowledge on Fundamental human rights and the Universal Convention of Human Rights
  • Local, national, internationalorganizations, non-governmental organizations working to support and protect human rights;
  • The ability to recognize violations of human rights;
  • Skills to defend and promote and protect human rights in the country and globally.
  • knowledge of ways of reporting cases of hate speech in relation to migrants and refugees

As follow up the participants created many different visual outcomes to share their experience and raise awareness on migration issues and hate speech towards refugees.
Here you can find the online newsletter to check more about the project, the daily activities, methods and information
The project was financed by Erasmus plus project trough UK National agency.


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