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Sharing results Social Entrepreneurship 4 refugee integration

Active Youth UK along with partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Turkey implemented youth exchange on migration issues and social entrepreneurship as a tool to boost social integration of migrants and refugees. The project was financed by Erasmus plus program, through the UK National Agency.
The overall goal of the project was to enable young people to be part of the integration processes of migrants and refugees in their countries and to introduce social entrepreneurship as a tool to promote these processes.

Through the project we aimed on the one hand to acquaint the participants with the problems that migrants and refugees face in their path to successful integration with local communities, as well as the consequences of the lack of successful models of integration in the host country and on the other hand with the social entrepreneurship as a way for young people to be part of promoting integration.
During the project, young people had the opportunity to get acquainted with the realities in the participating countries related to migration, with specific problems in their local communities to discuss the role of young people and how they can be part of the solution. The young people had the opportunity to get acquainted with the concept and principles of social entrepreneurship, as well as concrete examples of successful social enterprises and projects across Europe. Through the project we wanted to give young people the opportunity to rethink the role of young people in building a fairer and better Europe, not to be only passive observers of social challenges. We wanted to give opportunity for young people first of all to get acquainted with those social challenges Europe faces related to refugee and migration, tp encourage empathy and activism and provide young people with the understanding and knowledge about social entrepreneurship as a tool to for youth to take part in solutions for social challenges.
Young people themselves have become more aware of the important social challenges facing Europe, but the project engages in thinking decisions. Thus, they realized their own role in creating change for a better future. The project also managed to highlight the importance of social entrepreneurship in tackling social challenges such as the integration of refugees in order to arouse interest in the topic and to involve more organizations and people to research it and get involved in finding effective solutions.
You can get inspired by the Online magazine our participants created during the mobility:

Or watch the educational videos on the topic and some of the testimonials of participants


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