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Sharing project outcomes and results of an amazing youth exchange Healthy Individual Healthy society Healthy Individual society was a youth exchange that gathered 42 young people from Italy, the UK, Bulgaria, Spain and Hungary and took place in Pompei, Italy from 30th July till 7th of August 2021. The project aimed at providing participants with the learning platform to discuss this topic in an informal way-not trough lectures, books or educational movies which usually are quite boring for the youth but also to engage them in a transformative way.

Especially in the covid19 pandemic, with the project we aimed at raising awareness on importance of sport, self care and mental health as part of the generic health term. We wanted to stimulate participants to be more aware and informed on healthy lifestyle topic and its different elements-such as nutrition/types of food and nutrients/; physical activity and sport as part of healthy lifestyle and its benefits; mental health; but we also aimed at encouraging them to make a change-to rethink their own healthy habits, learn to listen to their bodies and minds and take care of them. We wanted to give young people an alternative to the modern digital world-to give them a chance to connect to their inner selves, connect to their minds and bodies and to the nature in order to feel the need to change.

Due to Covid19 outbreak and numerous lockdowns, physical and social distancing, lack of access to sport and outdoor, the topic became more and more actual and people really were feeling the effect of unhealthy living. The participants were really in need of a change-change of habits, environment, behaviors and ways of thinking thus they came to the project seeking for answers and tips. The project gave them learning platform and the opportunity to learn and grow and to transform their own habits. The participants were able to explore the different aspects and elements of healthy lifestyle-they have discussed different definitions and perceptions of healthy lifestyle; they discovered importance of nutrition and learnt about different nutrients and how they affect our bodies, were able also to experiment but also improve their cultural awareness trough cooking together healthy receipts from the participating countries that can be a better alternative to fast food options. Moreover, we had also a big focus on mental health and connection to our bodies and minds which surprisingly to us most participants did not perceive as part of healthy lifestyle. Thus it was important that the project highlighted that healthy living is not dieting or losingded vitamins as well as going over personal health trough health of the society, sustainability, green living, zero waste. Thus as a result of the project most of the participants claimed they have changed their perception-how they view the concept of healthy lifestyle-that is far more complex and layered, they feel more aware and informed on the topic, inspired to change their own habits while feeling more connected to their inner self, more empowered to do physical activities and to take care of their minds and bodies. The young people created some amazing outcomes. You can check the online Healthy booklet here:

Along with that the participants created newsletter which you can check out below :

You can also get inspired by the experience of participants. Check out their testemonials and the online magazine they created about the project!

The project was financed by Erasmus+ program trough UK National Agency and coordinated by Active Youth group UK.


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