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Healthy Individual – Healthy Society

Healthy Individual – Healthy Society is a youth exchange took place in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy, from 30/07/2021 to 07/08/2021. The main activites involved young people from Italy, Bulgaria, UK, Hungary and Spain.

This project focused on the following priorities: healthy lifestyle, sport to promote healthy living, fighting obesity anddigitalization addiction. As being young people ourselves, the common realities in working with young and facingm common problems led to the cooperation between partners looking for new solutions for the young Europeans. All the partners have seen the need to work towards promoting healthy lifestyle and sports, stimulating the desire for physical activity, de-digitalization and healthy eating. This exchange has been an opportunity for young people to exchange ideas on the subject, to obtain adequate information, learn by doing and experience of others, which we believe will motivate them to start being more healthy.

Project objectives:

  • to promote healthy lifestyles among young people, giving them the opportunity to understand its importance and benefits for the individual, but also for the society;
  • To address the need for physical activity, sport and outdoor activities; connect youth with nature, encouraging outdoor activities as an alternative to social media usage and digitalization;
  • to present the variety and outdoor activities as a fun alternative for leisure thus to make sport activities and healthy nutrition easily attractive and implemented in one’s daily life.

Impact and achievements: Participants developed their knowledge in the field of ecology, sustainable development, green living, healthy eating, sport, obesity and unhealthy living. They also learnt how to prepare a healthy meal, the effect of sport and they were motivated to live a greener lifestyle and more eco friendly one.

Most of all, we believe we will raise awareness on an important topic, not only its benefits on individual health, but also participants thinking more globally the negative effects on Europe: its economy, growth an future.

The youngsters were introduced to the realities of helathy and unhealthy living in partner countries, with the role of sport, with the results of no pfysical activity, but also shown them another side: the impact on the society and Europe as a whole, on its growhth, economy and prosperity. This made them more informed, thus being aware of the problem encouraged them to be active in their local communities such as ambassadors for other youth.

The youth exchange has shown them the positivity side for the participants, such as expanding their social networking circle, creating friendships with young people from others countries: in this way they have increased their interest in participating in international exchanges on program, gain more confidence in their abilities and open to new opportunities. This was definitely a positive impact on their personal development.


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