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Youth Exchange 08 – 15 Agosto 2021, Berlino

Our organization is looking for 4 participants + 1 group leader for the Youth Exchange “Your health is in your hands” from 08th to 15th of August 2021, in Berlin, Germany.

In the previous decade, cases of depression have risen by about 18 percent, with more than 80 percent of cases recorded in low- and middle-income countries. It is believed that the solution to this depression case is antidepressants. The temporary happiness of antidepressants is deceiving people, and these drugs are being consumed uncontrollably. We need to increase consciousness about this for us to declare safer and more efficient ways of helping people in crisis, trauma, and stressful situations. Psychiatric diagnosis and the use of drugs are essential. We want to make sure that it is wrong to use antidepressants with a piece of friendly advice, a pharmacy recommendation, and toe information. We intend to save people who are experiencing a troublesome process from being wasted by these drugs and avoiding the recommendation of young people to be given useless medication and use. It is crucial to take therapy to change or reduce feelings such as anxiety, inadequacy, pain, unhappiness, sadness, worthlessness, and the situation, disease, problem, people, events, and stories that cause depression. Here are some of the aims of the youth exchange «Your Health is in Your Hands»: – To promote awareness of this issue to make people more conscious of safe and productive ways of helping people with depression. – To make sure that it is not likely to use antidepressants with a piece of friendly advice, pharmacy advice, and healthy information. – To prevent the use of undesirable prescriptions by young people in the depression process.

Accommodation and food covered 100%, travel expenses covered up to a maximum of 275 euros.

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