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Training Course 16-24 Agosto 2021 Otrębusy, Polonia

Active Youth for Europe is looking for 4 participants from Italy, for the Training Course “Volunteering opportunities & YW” will take place from 16th to 24th August 2021 in Otrębusy, Poland.

Volunteering presents incredible opportunities for people to get incredible experiences in life, and in this process, people learn several new skills. Anyhow, all the skills obtained through volunteering are not being appropriately credited. Skill development through volunteering is quite useful for improving the employment rate of individuals, and it can be helpful in personal development, but unfortunately, this possibility is scantily used. Events and activities of NGOs usually stay on the engagement of volunteers and youngsters who willing to spend their time,enthusiasm, ambition, and initiative.
When it is well-executed, volunteering is a success for all associated stakeholders, including:
• Volunteering develops the soft and hard skills and boost self-confidence and qualification of the labor market.
• NGOs gain support and extra accomplishments, which would not be possible to get without the volunteers’ commitment and devotion.
• Trough volunteering local population get benefits in many ways linked to the activities executed by the volunteer.

In this TC, different NGOs from the EU formed a body to get an answer on how to
make voluntary work more fruitful on the national and European level. Positive examples of volunteering do not reach a broader audience because the visibility measures are a limited and accurate picture is presented to in front of a few numbers of people, even if the volunteers are willingly involved in civil society initiatives.

Vitto e alloggio coperti al 100%, spese di viaggio coperte fino ad un massimo di 275 euro.


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