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Q&A – With the volunteers

We were thinking that we might answer some of the most common questions regarding volunteering, and figured a Q&A could be fun. 

Why did we decide to become volunteers?

The main reason why we decided to apply for volunteering was because we want to help other people in some way, see a new culture and have a completely new experience by living in another country. The European Solidarity Corps is truly a good opportunity since it gives you all this for free. 

Why did we decide to volunteer in Italy?

We wanted to do our experience in Italy because we had never been here before and everything about Italy seemed great. The people, the weather, the surroundings, the food and the language. But, mostly we wanted to do our volunteering service in a country very different from our own, Sweden, to be able to see another culture and meet new people with different perspectives.

What are we doing as volunteers in the association?

We are volunteers for the association Active Youth for Europe as a part of the ESC project “Solidarity as a tool for growth and development”. And, what we do is to help out in the association with tons of different things. We have various tasks, which depends on what the association is doing at the moment. For example, we have been helping out during both local and european projects, as well as to promote ESC (European Solidarity Corps). 

What has been the most fun and most difficult during our volunteering experience?

The absolute most fun has been to get to know people from other cultures. Not only the lovely Italians, but we have also had the chance to meet people from all around Europe since we have been helping out during Youth Exchanges and Training Courses. 

The most difficult has probably been the language, especially when we are here in the Napoli area where people do not speak Italian, but Napolitan…. But its still been fun to get the chance to learn a new language. 

How much money do we receive and how do we live?

We receive a monthly amount of money for food and “pocket-money”. The amount of money that each volunteer gets depends on the country of destination. In Italy, we receive 150euro/month for food and 170euro/month for pocket-money. But, this is not how all volunteers might have it: some might receive food-coupons instead of money, but it depends on the hosting organisation. 

Right now, we are two volunteers in the association and we are sharing an apartment together. We share a toilet, a kitchen and we are sleeping in the same room with two separate beds. 

How can I be a volunteer?

Take a look at this blog posts to find a description on how to become a volunteer. It is very easy, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

Hope you enjoyed this Q&A and let us know if you have any other questions! 


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