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TC – Digital tools for youth work

From 9th to 15th of September 2020 in Pompei, Italy, Active Youth for Europe implemented a training course called “Digital tools for youth work”. Now, we are pleased to share information about the project!

The training course gathered people from Italy, Spain, Greece and Latvia between the age of 20 and 30 to analyze and discuss the topic. The training course focused on understanding the digital work of young people, digital teaching and online activism for the concept and elements of NGOs, which present innovative tools that can be applied in daily youth work, sharing good practices from all over Europe, increasing the knowledge and skills of youth workers for the use of digital technologies for better volunteering and more qualified management, online activism, online communication and also to reach more young people from marginalized communities. The general objective of the project was to provide youth workers and NGOs with adequate and up-to-date measures: digital knowledge, skills, competences and experience in youth work to more effectively involve young people, even those who are marginalized.

The participants had the responsibility of the implementation of games and sessions which guaranteed an active participation and involvement of the young people. There was also time for the participants (Open Space) to plan activities, seminars and strengthen their leadership during this week. The project also included the planning of follow-up activities, as well as the development of materials to promote the exchange itself and involve more young people in the last days of the project.

During the course the participants produced many creative outcomes such as a video, interview, logo, brochure and a website in purpose to share their amazing experience of what they have learned in Italy! 

We also made a video, which summarizes the whole week, to share with all of you. Watch it here:

Here is what the website looks like:


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