Youth exchange-“Youth against radicalization”

At the beginning of this month, Active Youth for Europe hosted the “Youth against radicalization” in Castellammare di Stabia, on the topic of radicalization among young people.

Sharing is caring, so here are the results and conclusions of the project. 

“Youth against radicalization” was a youth exchange dedicated to young people in order to raise awareness and to inform and encourage the European values. 

During the project, participants from 5 countries (Italy, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria and Denmark) gathered in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy in order to share and learn about the topic. 


Coming from different backgrounds, with different mind sets and beliefs, the participants had the chance to share, learn and talk about how this subject is manifested in their countries, extremism groups and why some young people join them.

The participants also talked about the role of social media and at the end they even created their own videos showing that everyone can step in and fight radicalization. 


You can read more about the project and also some opinions of the participants here

If we still didn’t convince you that we had a very successful week, here is another proof:

-Video: Youth Against Radicalization

-Video: Interviews



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