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Live new experiences, be ESC volunteer

Hello everybody! My name is Laura and now I’m doing a volunteering in Italy. I’m from Spain and the last month I finished my studies in tourism and economic.

Why did I decide to be volunteer?


The main reason is that I wanted to live a new experience abroad and at the same time know the local live and culture. The European Solidarity Corps is the best option because it gives you the opportunity to live this experience. Living the experience is not only the principal reason because besides you can help the local community.

How can I be volunteer? 

You only have to enter in this link and register. The next step is start apply to the different organizations that are interesting for you. My advice is only you have to apply for the organizations that are compatible with your interests. You have to stay in other country for several months and feel good and comfortable.

Another way to be volunteer is search a sending organization in your country and contact with them. If you are italian, you can put in contact with us, we’ll answer all your doubts.

When the organization are interested in you, it will put in contact in you. During the selection process you will have to do an interview and talk about the project and conditions. If finally you are selected, the sending and host organization will start to prepare all the documents. Finally when everything is ready you only have to start to live the new experience. Enjoy it!

My first week

My first days in Italy has been very good. During all the time I have been with somebody and they have shown me the city and the most important things. Now I am getting used to the culture and life in other country. Nowadays I don’t know the languague but I’m taking clases and each day I learn new things. In the next posts I will tell you my new experiences and changes.



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