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Follow up activities “United we stand against radicalization”


The youth exchange ‘United we stand against radicalisation’ took place in Bansko, Bulgaria from the 30th August – 8th September 2018. It was made up of 38 participants from 5 countries: the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy and Spain. The project was supported by Erasmus+ program trough the ECORYS-The UK National Agency.

The aims of the youth exchange were :
– Raising awareness of the issue of extremism and radicalization of young people and the role of young people in preventing them;
– Analyzing and realizing the key factors that can lead to the radicalization of young people such as discrimination, hate speech, xenophobia;
– To help young people understand the process of forced radicalization with different roots, causes, stages and effects, thus helping to reduce the risk of radicalization at the European level;

Some of the participants got so inspired that they organized their own events afterwards and involved even more young people. Federica from Italy travelled all the way from Turin to Castelamare di Stabia to organize one day event-a workshop on radicalization and a flashmob. She shared her experience with local people as well as international youth workers as part of the training course Youth worker against hate, that was held in Castellammare di Stabia in October 2018.


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